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Your home is your best nest egg for the future. But you also want to enjoy life today. Refinancing your mortgage, especially if interest rates are low, is an ingenious way to have your cake and eat it too.

Your How to Guide to Refinancing your Mortgage

    • Review Your Refinancing Options

    You may want to add that new kitchen you’ve been dreaming about, take a special vacation or even take care of your outstanding debt. To help you get there, you may want to reduce your term, switch from an adjustable-rate mortgage to a fixed-rate mortgage, or consolidate your first and second mortgages.

    • Check Your Credit

    It’s a smart step to check your credit because lenders will do so. The better your credit rating, the more desirable your business will be to a lender. One easy step to start improving your credit rating is to not run up your balances to the limit on credit cards.

    • Go Shopping

    Just like you shop for the best value on your groceries, your Mortgage Broker will go shopping on your behalf for the best interest rate and options. After all, a lower rate can save you big time in costs over the life of your new mortgage.

    • Prepare a List

    Your Mortgage Broker will need some basic information in order to move forward, such as your current lender’s details, how much you owe on your current mortgage loan, gross monthly income and the value of your home.

    • Do the Math

    You’ll be offered a number of loan options, so discuss them with your Mortgage Broker and choose one that best suits your needs. Over and above considering the lowest rate, discuss whether a fixed or adjustable rate is better for your situation.

    • Factor in a Few Additional Costs

    There will be a few fees and costs associated with this process, such as brokerage or underwriting fees or transaction, settlement, and closing costs. Your Mortgage Broker can discuss these with you and factor into the mortgage.

    • You're Ready to Apply

    Okay, it’s time to apply with your chosen lender. Be ready with a few required documents, proof of income, income tax returns, recent bank statements and your monthly expenses.

    • Home Sweet Home

    That’s it. Once the paperwork is done, it’s time to take that vacation or begin your dream kitchen reno. Enjoy!

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